Saturday, 30 January 2010

Rainy day fibre

I've been hanging on to this incredible fibre from Limegreenjelly for ages, stroking it gently and demanding that passers-by admire it. If I stroked it much more it was going to felt, so I've started a 3-ply that should mix all the colours up surprisingly.

The photos wash it out a lot, as usual. It's got just about every colour I can think of somewhere in it but they all look perfectly suited in real life. If I tried dyeing anything like that it would end up muddy brown, but these spots of colour only blend together in interesting ways where they meet. Limegreenjelly is a genius and I MUST HAVE MORE.

Now that I'm spinning up the cashmere/merino/silk, the top petting fibre spot is taken by a precious 20g of Vicuna. It was Wingham Wool Work's subscriber offer this month and I couldn't resist seeing what it was like. It feels barely-there and buttery like cashmere, but more solid at the same time. Yum!