Tuesday, 20 October 2009


My PhD is at one of those pivotal moments when I could finish it in a frenzied whirl of activity punctuated only by a minor nervous breakdown, or meander halfheartedly along indefinitely, losing the will to live. Therefore, as every second with both hands on the keyboard is vital, I am utterly consumed with the desire to knit. Or spin. Or continue my very important research into looms.

I finally finished and handed over the gloves that nearly put me off knitting entirely, failing completely to photograph them beforehand. Next time I see the guy I will insist on the full photoshoot. I'm now a few rows from finishing a pair of socks I foolishly promised a friend, so the freedom to make whatever the hell I like is beckoning. To my surprise, what I want to knit is a pattern! I've started the Ysolde's Damson shawl in handspun and it's heaven. The pattern is just perfect, and though I wasn't at all happy with the yarn, it's knitting up into something much prettier than the skein. If I ever see daylight again I'll snap it while I can.

The above picture is some merino/silk from World of Wool in their Virgo colourway that I made into a bouncy 2-ply to keep me sane amidst the structured knitting. A guy who just finished his PhD (called Gordon Ramsey, much nicer than the chef) thought of a great definition of work he told us the other day: 'Work is playing by someone else's rules'. So true of knitting!