Wednesday, 7 March 2007


The big green cardigan is finished. It fits, I love it and I may never, ever take it off. Everything else around me is in squalid wool-strewn confusion, after my week-long wrestling match with the button band from hell, but the jumper is as close to perfect as I'm likely to get. (Note to self - next time you pick up large numbers of stitches in a visible place, do it the right way round so it doesn't create an inappropriate purl row.) I can't believe it's actually finished, because the finishing process took so long - the bulk of the actual knitting was done in a couple of weeks. I'm flushed with success, flu-related fever and the fact that I'm wearing a bloody great woolly cardigan with the hood up. Now to slump in front of the TV knitting a sock and dreaming up the next jumper.

And the Spring Knitty is finally here! O frabtious day.